Pretty Duckling Escape Game

Pretty Duckling Escape

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Pretty Duckling Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Avm Games for more fun rescuing with us in the village. Enjoy!

The village has this resident mallard duckling and nobody really bothers with it for the creature is just roaming around. Hailey sees this duckling everyday and each time she thought of raising the animal herself, but her doubts was just getting the best of her. One day however, something actually happened to it for she never saw the duckling and it always passes-by in the morning around the town. At first Hailey thought that the duck maybe grew-up and developed a new routine, so she just carry-on with her errands and other things. Little did she know that the duckling is actually in some trouble inside one of the old houses here in the village.

Hailey packed-up that evening for she had finished selling her produce, but when she came to pass-by a house in the place however, there she saw that the duckling is now pretty weak for it seems like it had tried really hard to escape! But unfortunately, it couldn't. Escape players, Hailey here is really concerned of the duckling, that's why she planned to rescue it and if it's successful, then she'll really adopt the small animal. Will she be able to make that rescue though? Join in the animal rescue then and don't forget to have fun here daily!

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