Pretty Chick Escape Game

Pretty Chick Escape

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Garret was recording the tiger population in the wilderness for as a conservationist, it is his job and for the week it's recording tigers, well instead of finding wild tigers there however, he found something else and that stopped him from doing anything else. Garret travels the path there in the forest and whenever he does he is very careful for there are indeed predators which can mistake him as a meal, but never he had been higher with his guard until that day for he just found a cage and inside it there seems to be a chick of some kind.

Garret knows of poacher's works for he had been facing that decades ago in a different forest, he knows it is their work for the cage has some tell-tale signs. He never really thought there are poachers in this area for this is the first-time he had seen a cage, now the wildlife here is in-danger and probably his too. Garret kept himself low as he decides what to do, eventually he decided to just slowly open the cage and free the chick, but actually that is not going to be easy. Escape players, Garret's sweat here is pouring as he tries to open the cage, care to try this situation and see if you can get the animal out quicker?

Pretty Chick Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by WoW Escape.

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