Precious Treasure Escape From Hut House

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Edwin have been going around the mountains for he had been trying to find this treasure that is said to be there, what’s really irritating about that too is that this treasure is said to be hidden inside an old house on top of a hill there somewhere, but for a year now Edwin saw nothing of the sort and he had been going around all over the place there. Edwin is starting to give-up on this adventure of his, but as he thought about that though it seems that he finally had a break, for as he was sitting on a rock there thinking about what he was doing, he saw the house!

Edwin traveled there quickly then and it was not easy, but now he is close-by the place he needs to be very careful of proceeding. This treasure is said to be in the form of gold, antiques, and jewels, so it’s not going to be unguarded there definitely, for all he knows this could all even be a big trap. Escape players, Edwin is going to proceed step by step there, will you help him get to the house and to the treasure so he won’t trigger any traps if there are any?

Precious Treasure Escape From Hut House is another new point-and-click item retrieval escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Precious Treasure Escape From Hut House

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