Power Of Wolf Statue Game

Power Of Wolf Statue

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You are a tourist in this town and everyone is talking about the Power Of Wolf Statue. This makes you curious about the statue so you continued to listen to them. You've been eavesdropping all day but it exhausts you eventually. You don't want to listen to them anymore. What you want to do right now is to find out about the Power Of Wolf Statue. You want to prove everything that you heard so you went to the place where this statue is. However, the said place is too overwhelming for you. You don't expect it to be huge. You turned your back and decided to go home instead but it's too late. The thing is, you are already lost in this place. The good news is, you still have a chance to escape but only if you can find the wolf statue.

You learned that the wolf statue is indeed very powerful and it can light up the way for you. Seems like that's the only thing that can help you to escape so you have to find it quickly. Play this brand new outdoor escape game from Enagames and release the Power Of Wolf Statue. Good luck and have fun!

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