Potency Dwarf Escape Game

Potency Dwarf Escape

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The town Winston lives in has a ton of mischievous people, that's why the local dwarf who already has fascinating powers is thinking about leaving in search of a nicer place as well, for whenever he punishes someone after a prank was pulled on him, there is always another mischievous group that would take their place! The dwarf is getting pretty tired of this and he really doesn't want to punish people at all, but he is being pushed into a corner and he must defend himself. That day once again, another prank was pulled on him and this time he couldn't fix this on his own.

The dwarf is trapped in something and of course he needs help, lucky for him Winston is a good and a non-mischievous neighbor, in-fact he doesn't like those hooligans too but they can't mess with him though, for some reason they are scared of Winston. Escape players, the dwarf is not getting out of where it is trapped if nothing is done, will you play as Winston here and see if you can free the dwarf and safely?

Potency Dwarf Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.


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