Pot Store Escape

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The house in the edge of the village is actually a shop, well once a shop for it had been years ago, since the merchant owner did not return everyone thought they might have found a nicer place to settle. That night though, Kirk is tip-toeing around that said house for he plans to maybe borrow a pot there for he has ran-out of such. Because the next shop of pots is quite far from their area and he needs an already finished pot for his purposes, that pot house must have what he needs.

Escape players, it is the dead of night and Kirk is still around, well he chose that so nobody would see him and he’ll get in trouble. Well little did he know that he will for when he entered the place, the door just locked on him! Kirk immediately felt flushed for he thought maybe somebody knew that he is in the house and they are now punishing him for trespassing! If so then he needs to get out of there for he has already done enough. Want to help Kirk here escape so that he’ll learn not to do this sort of thing again?

Pot Store Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Live.