Postman Escape

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The suburbs is quite peaceful and everyone living there is a friend of Carl, everyone offers their services to each other and it’s just great. But not every house there experience peace most of the time however and that is why everybody helps everybody but that day, one of Carl’s friends just experience a really different problem and it was his friend who works as a postman. Carl received a call and it came from his postman friend, he said he couldn’t get himself out of room at the moment and it was very weird for him for the door was usually easy to unlock. Carl was in a bit of a ponder why he didn’t call the authorities first, but they help each other so he might have thought of Carl first to aid him.

Escape players, Carl found-out that his friend was indeed trapped in his room and he was already running late now for his job! Carl of course is going to need some help here so will you join in the rescue as well and see if you can all do this? Get his friend the postman safely out then and if you are able, you can take him to work too.

Postman Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.