Porcupine Escape From House

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Adam knew one day an animal is going to get trapped in one of the structures there surrounding his forest house. Well it’s kind of inevitable for there are a multitude of critters coming from the forest daily, some were even game ones which is quite an advantage to him occasionally. And that day it finally happened, an animal just got trapped in a mound house there and it’s not a typical animal however.

The animal that got trapped was a porcupine and for Adam, that is kind of a feisty animal and a prickly one too. He wondered then how did such a creature get stuck in there anyways? The door is locked and there seems to be no obvious way it can get in there. Still though however it was able to enter there, Adam must try to get it out for the creature is vital to the forest and he really can’t leave the animal there, for if it ever dies then he will have no choice but to get it out, only then the job will be a lot smellier, so it’s best to just get that animal out while it is still defensive and full of life. Escape players, Adam is going to find something then if he wishes to open the door here, and the thing is he doesn’t even know where the key to that place is, so will you be able to help here so that the porcupine can move free again?

Porcupine Escape From House is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Porcupine Escape From House


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