Popular Art Museum Escape Game

Popular Art Museum Escape

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It's your first time visiting an art museum. You've been to a lot of museums though. However, they are mostly historical. And you actually feel a little sad every time you go there. There are memorabilia of times of war and the people who died. You just can't read and look at all of those without feeling sad. Then you usually get an ice cream or something yummy just to chase the sadness away. And that's one of the reasons why you're visiting a popular art museum today. It's something different and you're hoping to see works that can keep you happy. And you really hope this happiness can last even after you leave. So you enter one and spot the works of many artists you've seen in books. Exploring the place excites you. And you're learning from it so much more.

So you start from the very first piece you see and head off to learn about the rest one by one. You don't get easily tired when you're with stuffs that interest you. However, after a while, you start to look for the exit. You're quite hungry and you a good restaurant outside. Then again, something stops you from going out.

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