Poor Donkey Escape

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The land here which Mr. McGee is living in is quite the place, for not only it makes him into a cowboy, it also gives him the experience as a farmer. But that’s all history now and Mr. McGee is already an expert of both and then some. The area has a lot of animals, that includes farm animals, fish, birds, beasts of labor, and some exotic ones. McGee has it all thanks to his years of hard work which made him a bit rich as well as his spacious land of course, for where he will put his critters if he doesn’t have the space for them.

That day, he has a new creature and that is a young donkey. Mr. McGee didn’t have a donkey before, but he thought maybe the creature is just like a horse only smaller. Still he will try and learn so he can provide for the animal until he gets used to it and it to him as well. But as he was about to get the animal out of its enclosure though so it can stretch, there seems to be a problem, for the contraption would not open on him! The cage’s locks were a little complicated and he didn’t have the key to it, or does he? Mr. McGee is going to try his universal key if that’ll work, but he needs to find it though and he needs a little help for he doesn’t seem to remember where he put that thing. Escape players, will you give Mr. McGee here a hand in finding his universal key so he can finally free his new donkey?

Poor Donkey Escape is the newest point and click outdoors animal escape game from Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Poor Donkey Escape

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