Ponder Caterpillar Escape

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The pondering caterpillar which is one big caterpillar, is what people calls it, always pondering. Even then though the animal isn’t really sinister or would bring harm to anyone, it is even joyous most of the time reading and relaying vital information to the people of the town. But not everyone is easy with it though, for some would see it as an abomination of nature other than a thing that people can actually benefit from, and that day they even went too far with their twisted perspective.

As a person who knows the caterpillar for he had talked to many times, Jimson tried to look for the creature but in his attempts though he was unsuccessful. That’s strange, he pondered to himself, for the animal wouldn’t really disappear like this, it would even stay in one place all day. From then Jimson was already suspicious, so he went to even greater lengths just to find it and eventually, he came to find that he was right. Escape players, Jimson found the caterpillar being caged and boy it was happy to see him! Jimson didn’t think twice in trying to free that caterpillar for well not only he doesn’t want to get caught by that certain someone who caged it, but the caterpillar could be hurt andneeds help. Will you help Jimson here then as he frees the caterpillar which he thinks was vital for the welfare of this town?

Ponder Caterpillar Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.

Walkthrough video for Ponder Caterpillar Escape


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