The factories are situated in the desert in Pollution Factory Escape game.

Pollution Factory Escape

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It’s the year of 2056. We couldn’t turn back the what we caused on Earth and the climate has reached its absolutes. The population dropped drastically. Several animal races and plant types disappeared from the planet and it’s all because of the pollution we created. However, the factories are working even harder since. They’re using the dire situation for their adventage. They monopolised all kind of products the humans need to survive. This way, the pollution keeps spreading and surviving is getting harder because they sell the goods on a high price.

You decided to break into the factory and steal enough food and resources for your clan. You finally got into one of the factories manufacturing food packs. Remembering the blueprint, you carefully venture into the factory, avoiding the guards and the factory staff. At the back of the factory are the finished products. However, a lone soldier is making rounds and caught sight of you. Better lose him right now!

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Walkthrough video for Pollution Factory Escape

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