Polished Kitchen Room Escape Game

Polished Kitchen Room Escape

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The entire house that Sherry had bought is all beautiful and comfortable, and if she has to rate the comforts of the rooms from each other, she would say the kitchen is the best, that's why she spends more time in there than in her living-room especially when she wants to relax. One day, Sherry decided she'll relax in her kitchen and maybe finish a tub of ice cream or something there, she spent half an hour thinking what she needs to do next when suddenly, she realized there was a problem with the door of the kitchen and she can't get herself out anymore!

Sherry at first got frustrated for this house seems to have a problem even though it was quite expensive and she even bought it full price! But as she tried everything to open the door, it seems to be totally shut and it was more than just weird, it was also inconvenient. Escape players, will you all be able to escape the kitchen with Sherry here where she was locked in? Come test your escape skills here then and also help her out.

Polished Kitchen Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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