Polish Warrior Escape Game

Polish Warrior Escape

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The prince have ordered the rescue of a significant warrior even though he is of different race, but that warrior have already pledged to the prince as well as his father the king. One of the men he ordered was a pretty good one in searching for lost people or rescue persons who have been kidnapped by bandits or the enemy kingdom. That man is no other than Arthur and he is just one of 9 elite soldiers who specializes in different things from battle to strategy. The other four elite soldiers have been sent to different locations while the other 5 remained in the kingdom just in case something happens. Arthur doesn't have the confirmation that he'll find that warrior who was actually beneath them in ranks but from what he heard, that warrior have save the prince's life once so he is returning the favor by rescuing him.

Arthur was following a path when at some point, he caught wind of something. Arthur looked around and in the distance, he found a stone house with a peculiar door on its side. Arthur came in closer and closer until, he found that warrior they were trying to rescue behind that said door! Arthur quickly opened a strategy to rescue him without confrontation, for one he doesn't know how much people are there guarding him and two, he doesn't know the state the warrior is in, maybe his leg is broken or something and that poses another problem for they can't get away quick enough. But surely Arthur can open that lock for he has a broad knowledge for that. Escape players, come and play as Arthur here and see if you can rescue that Polish warrior who is trapped there.

Polish Warrior Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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