Poisoned Peacock Girl Escape

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The forest is being protected by a powerful nature being which on her true form, she embodies a woman with a peacock’s tail. She looks very dazzling on that, but she rarely shows that form to people though, for whenever she is just roaming around the place she takes on the form of any animal there in the forest. And plus she really can’t get near to people for it is said that she can poison any person that touches her. And so, she just lives alone in the forest protecting it for thousands of years and thousands more to come.

That day though as a person living near the forest, Karl never thought he gets to see this woman for he knows of her story, but despite of living in the place for decades, he has seen no hide nor tail of her. Maybe he did but she is in a form of an animal? But he doesn’t really believe these things so he just lives whatever he can there in the place. That day though for the first time, he will see this woman, and he would not even expect what he will do for her now that he finally saw her. Escape players, Karl thought if this was a prank or whatever, but who would pull a prank as far-off as here? And to him specifically? But nope, she was the real deal and right-now, she is in-need of help. Will you be able to help-out on this save as well? For Karl here is in a bit of a daze of what he is experiencing now.

Poisoned Peacock Girl Escape is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Poisoned Peacock Girl Escape


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