Poison Frog Escape

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You love frogs so much. You think that they are so cute especially when they make a sound. This reminds you of your favorite character when you were younger. So when you found a frog in the forest, you grabbed one and caressed it. But moments later, you felt itchiness all over your body. There is something wrong with this frog. You looked around then you saw a poster saying “Be careful of Poison Frogs.” That signage comes with a picture of a frog which looks like the one in your hands. This frog can give you more than itchiness so you have to find a way to escape from there. The problem is, you lost your way in the forest. Because of this, you have to find clues that can help you to find your way out.

You might also need items that you can use to protect yourself from the poison frog. You have to make it out alive. Roam around the forest carefully and collect those useful items. Poison Frog Escape is the newest point and click outdoor escape game from Games 4 Escape. Use your logic to solve this puzzle as soon as possible. Good luck and have fun!