Pleasant Stay House Escape Game

Pleasant Stay House Escape

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You are the new guest at the rest-house in the country for you really wanted to see what your family had been talking about since they left and moved to the city. There was this beautiful rest-house available for use and it belonged to one of your uncles before when they decided to build houses everywhere in the country. They got very rich that's clear, that's the result of hard-work they say and you are reaping the benefits now. Soon you will have your own name and building from scratch is a better way to do that.

After hours of traveling, you finally arrived at the place and they weren't really kidding when they said the place was luxurious. The house was beautiful that's one fact, but wide and located in a place away from the pollution of the city, that makes it even more awesome. But as you stayed in the place though, you thought you missed something for when you were about to get out a bit and get some fresh-air, you couldn't for the doors wouldn't allow you to! This is a very weird situation and because you are alone in the place makes it even worst. Escape players, you have no idea why the doors would not open but will you be able to solve this though and quickly before something else happens?

Pleasant Stay House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games.

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