Playful Boy Escape (8b Games)

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For some extra income, you accepted the offer to baby sit your playful boy neighbor. You had known this boy since he was just a baby. You were invited to celebrate his birthdays and you even were there when he first entered school. Looking back, you were always with him so you knew how he behaved. You also knew how mischievous and playful he could get. Most of the time you would already be tired but he was still up and running. You couldn’t let him move too much on his own as he could get into some trouble. So whenever he was still up, you should be up as well. And when he was up, he could get hungry and bored. Whenever this happened, you wished your rate for looking after him was higher. Everything would be just fine if he remained his calm and obedient self.

Then again, there could be times when he would be so playful and your measures just couldn’t stop him. So when this happens, you would just wait until he got tired or he got himself trapped somewhere before going after him and helping escape. Play Playful Boy Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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3 years ago

I thought it said playboy … I’m disappointed