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Play Park House Escape

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You moved in this apartment ever since you were in grade school. And you couldn't forget going home everyday hoping your parents would take you to the play park house to play. But instead of taking you there, they would always have you enter the house immediately. You didn't ask them anything back then. You were thinking that you just needed to be a better child and maybe they'd reward you with the park visit. But more years passed and you were still there beside your window looking out. You wanted to have a reason not to go there. Yet all you could think of were reasons of being there. The people there looked so happy and were having so much fun. It was just such a big question to you for not being able to do the same. You never dared to probe too much though.

Until you finally had the break you were waiting for. The park was just across your house and you believed it was a place you shouldn't miss. So you found a way to sneak out of your house with a plan to be back instantly. But you just had to push your luck as you find yourself stuck inside the park. Play Play Park House Escape room escape game by Avm Games.

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