Platinum Christmas Room Escape Game

Platinum Christmas Room Escape

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Because you are the daughter of an Arabian royalty, the hotel grants you the Platinum Suite. It is an enormous two-room apartment with the best furnishings. You, however, are not happy to be there. Furthermore, you're already missing the town children in your own country. A kind middle aged hotel maid notices your sadness so she invited you to the staffs' Christmas Party. You have no idea about it since you're a Muslim but when you're already there, the staffs greet you warmly. Soon, you're having the time of your life. You're father, however, is not pleased and sends the bodyguard to get you. He locks you in your room where you're determind to escape from.

Platinum Christmas Room Escape is a Christmas themed game developed by Ainars for Escape Fan. Examine each location of the room solve puzzles and find 7 bags with platinum and key to unlock exit. Good luck and have fun!


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