Pizza Quest Game

Pizza Quest
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From being a court jester to a chef! Your queen doesn't really enjoy your entertainment. However, she has no other choice as no one wants that position for the fear of being killed. She can't kill you yet as you have no replacement at the moment. But she just can't stand her previous chef that she orders her men to get rid of him. The chef doesn't have a replacement as well. Yet she doesn't want to go hungry so she lets you take the position of the chef. You don't really know how to cook a lot of meals. So as long as you can cook what she wants and bring something new on the table, you'll be fine. Then again, cooking for the queen is never an easy task. She doesn't have someone to organize the ingredients inside the kitchen.

This makes you roam around the kitchen collecting the ingredients before being able to cook. This circumstance is fine as long as the queen is busy with her games. But when she becomes bored and starts to look for other things to do, your dish should be ready. Today she wants pizza. Play Pizza Quest room escape game by Mouse City.


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