Pity Pig Rescue

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Gregory’s poor pig just escaped from its pen! He immediately tried to look for it, for there is a nearby forest where his pen is and he is scared that this thing ran into there and he will be hard to find. This said pig of Gregory’s he calls poor, not because it is but its face looks pitiful. Gregory continued to look for it until he finally did.

Gregory found his pig inside this house which was unoccupied, but he does know there is a cage in there. And lo and behold, this hog is in there trying to get itself out. Gregory have no clue how it even get in there and locked itself too, for the thing is open always and if it’s locked then somebody might have done this. Escape players, Gregory is going to free his pig there and return it to his pen. Want to help him then so that this problem can finally be over?

Pity Pig Rescue is a brand new point-and-click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Pity Pig Rescue

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