Pirates Gold Hunt Escape Game

Pirates Gold Hunt Escape

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When you reached a certain location in the ocean, you knew pirates would abound. And so they did. Your ship was instantly surrounded and was searched for any thing that can be of use to them. However, they found your ship quite empty. So instead, they invited you to search the oceans with them. No one from your group ever mentioned about your expertise in navigation. But the pirates may have already known you from the start. They dragged you to their ship so you could lead the navigation. You tried so hard to mislead them but there was someone who also knew how to tinker with the equipment. And annoyance was showing. So you went back to the right track. The leader told you to keep the ship in a relatively steady position so they can explore the ocean for gold.

You knew perfectly well that they didn't have the slightest right to take out anything from the ocean. However, they were pirates and that was what they do. So instead of arguing about it in your mind, you just went along. You knew you had to get out of the situation first before making any major move. Play Pirates Gold Hunt Escape room escape game by Zoo Zoo Games.

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