Pirate Treasure Island Escape Game

Pirate Treasure Island Escape

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You are a tourist roaming around the world for years. Ever since childhood, your dream is to travel the globe and document everything you discover. In order to explore the most spectacular places, you start working as a tour guide and was sent to Europe. From then on, you went from one place to another while hopping on different jobs along the way.

One day you went to a travel agency and booked a journey to the Caribbean Ocean. It is one of the places you are yet to go to so the cruise excites you so much. A couple of weeks later you were already in the sunny shore of an island where you start exploring. You eventually found a huge cavern housing an abandoned pirate ship. An hour passes and you find yourself at the wheel of the ship. However, the ship isn't really empty. Soon, sinister characters are surrounding you.


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