Pirate Parrot Escape Game

Pirate Parrot Escape

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Dog is man's best friend but a parrot is a pirate's best friend. Your parrot is the most loyal and the funniest creature that you know. In fact, you prefer to talk to him than the other pirates in this ship. He keeps everything in the ship light even if the storm on the ocean is heavy. He is always there whenever you need him and the coolest thing is that he serves as an alarm clock for you in the morning. However, there is no parrot which woke you up today. You didn't hear his voice and this is so strange. So, you went out of your cabin to search for your parrot but to your surprise, other pirates invaded your ship. But the worst thing is that, they captured your parrot and they put him in a cage. You can't go on with your expedition without your parrot.

Because of this, you have to find a way to help him to escape from the cage. You have to be quick and gather objects that you think can help you to open the cage. Pirate Parrot Escape is the latest outdoor escape game from 8b Games. Best of luck!

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