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Pirate Island

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It must be your fate to meet the pirates on Pirate Island on your first ever voyage. For so many years you had been planning your voyage. However, your family and friends wanted you to be fully ready before setting out. So they made sure that you would know what to do on various situations. When you had completed all the training they wanted you to have, they were left with no choice but to let you sail. You couldn't hide the joy you felt when you stepped on your ship to journey through the seas. Then again, you were only on your second day at sea when you passed by pirate island and they made you stay. You tried many negotiations to have them free you. But it seemed like they already heard those words so many times to believe them.

You knew pushing your luck wouldn't be such a good idea. So you quietly followed what they wanted while keeping your mind active in thinking of ways to escape. Your chance finally came when the pirates set out to plunder more ships. You wished they'd stay out longer so you could leave. But you also felt bad for the ships that would meet them. Play Pirate Island outdoor escape game by First Escape Games.

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