Pirate Island Escape Game

Pirate Island Escape

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It took you a lot of years to finally get your own ship. Your father once owned one but when the great battle happened at the shore, he lost his ship. Yet fortunately saved his life. However, this brought so much sadness to your father. Not only did his ship was destroyed, your tribe likewise lost a lot of members. He was one of the leaders and he couldn't accept that they lost. Years with your father was hard for the first few years after the battle. Yet he must have slowly accepted the reality and was starting to get back on his feet. His first milestone was building another ship. Youworried about him hurting himself while working on it. But it made him livelier. So in the end, you let him work on it until he finished it. He made sure that everything was ready.

Just when you were about to see his work, a little trouble arose. Some of his men had an argument and started throwing random things. Your father instantly made sure to keep the ship safe with a lock on the gate. The argument finished quite peacefully and you were ready to see the rest of it. However, the lock still hang on the gate. Play Pirate Island Escape outdoor escape game by 365 Escape.

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