Piranha Lake Escape Game

Piranha Lake Escape

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Fishing is such a nice thing to do on a sunny weather. You are already by the lake so there is no reason why you won't do it. With that, you wore your fishing hat and got your fishing rod. You were just sitting by the lake for hours, waiting for the fish to bite your bait. After few moments, you finally caught your first fish. You kept on reeling before you got your fish. You expect a tuna or salmon but you never expect what you have. What you have on your rod is a Piranha. You know for sure that this fish is dangerous to begin with. The thing is, that Piranha is not the only one. In fact, the entire lake is full of Piranhas. You have to keep distance but the problem is, you can't find the way out.

Thankfully, there are clues around the lake that can help you to find the right path out. Not only that, there are also items that you can collect and use for your escape plan. On the other note, those items and clues would mean nothing if you will not use your logic. Piranha Lake Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by WoW Escape. Good luck!

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