Pink Wooden House Escape Game

Pink Wooden House Escape

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The pink house near the woods had gotten the curious mind of Simon and after a while of planning to check the place out, he finally executed that plan! The house is said to be unoccupied, for the person who once lived there just disappeared one day, and because people don't want to pry on anybody's business there, they didn't really touch the place for all they know the owner could return. Simon doesn't know any better though for he is still young but not too young that he doesn't know the consequences of his actions, but it seems that what he is doing here now is a concerning thing and he doesn't seem to be thinking of what consequences might this bare.

As Simon enters the place, it was quick enough then that the consequences came to be, and that is he got trapped inside the house! Simon could not open the door now and he doesn't know what happened, he just couldn't open the door anymore. Probably a trap or something? Escape players, Simon needs help escaping here for this is quite a potentially serious problem he got himself into, will you be able to help him out of there and safely? Find items there then and make use of them wisely.

Pink Wooden House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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