Pink Ting Star Bomb Game

Pink Ting Star Bomb

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When you were younger, you always dreamed of becoming a spy. You wanted to be as stealthy, smart, and cool as they were. You even planned to be a part of a taekwondo team. But your parents wanted you to focus more on your studies. So that was what you did. You focused on your studies and received awards. Yet you just couldn't keep your mind off of the possibility of being something more. Then an agency contacted you. They said they'd been observing you for a long time and sense your potential. You thought they were just toying with you. But your face turned serious when you saw some footage of you. They said you'd be receiving some training before your very first mission. Your mind was in a chaos. You processed the information you were receiving. Then you received a map.

The map would lead you to the location of the bomb. You went there with your heart thumping very loudly. You were not sure if you were at the right place at the right time. But you later realized that the bomb was not to be diffused. You should actually use the bomb you found to blast the door open. Play Pink Ting Star Bomb room escape game by Ajaz Games.

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