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Pink Room Fun Escape
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The house of Steven's sister is big and a bit grand from the outside when one looks at it, people are going to be even more surprised when they see the inside, for the colors there are all pink and if it wasn't then it's a near shade of it! The place is absolutely modern and fits to today's standards, that's the fruit of her hard-work and as one can see, she really made it. That day, Steven decided to visit her for it had been a long time and he even brought her favorite treats. As he arrived there, he found the doors open and he thought maybe they have visitors? Steven scanned the rooms but it seems nobody was home.

It was very strange, when Steven tried to leave the place so he can maybe get some space and call her, he realized he couldn't get himself out of the now for the doors were closed! That's very strange, for he didn't leave it that, his problem is only going to get worst there along with his confusion, for it's not just the main-door that's locked now but also the other ones as well! Steven is in a situation here he really couldn't explain, will you help him out escape players and see if you can both escape?

Pink Room Fun Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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