Pink Moon

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Brenda was promised by her special friend that he’ll return in five years, through all of that time which Brenda felt like she was in a loop that would never end, five years have already passed and now she must fulfill her promise as well, and that is to return to the place where they agreed to meet five years later. Brenda needs to bring the pendant too which he gave so that he’ll know she never forgot about him.

Escape players, Brenda is excited with this meeting, for the location they agreed to meet was under the moonlight tonight and it’s even a pink moon. She needs to find this pendant first though which was somewhere in her house, so will you help her on that so she can finally leave?

Pink Moon is a new point-and-click item retrieval game from developer Rinnogogo.

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Walkthrough video for Pink Moon

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1 year ago

Too bad it’s not for the PC. I’m not ready to turn the big monitor 90° yet.

1 year ago

How cool that now we can play Rinogogo games on this site!
I always play on their own website. I like it a lot because the games are well-crafted. Sometimes the puzzles are difficult, but it’s worth it. 
Their games are great like Amajeto’s .