Pink Forest Escape (Dressup 2 Girls) Game

Pink Forest Escape (Dressup 2 Girls)

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You recently transferred to this place after moving out of the forest. You loved living there. However, you got a new job in the city. For a witch it seemed like everything can be charmed. It wasn't the case for you though. Your move was to familiarize the modern world once more. Your first week was a hard one. The noise from the vehicles annoyed you and the machines inside the house startled you. After getting used to these stuffs, you relaxed more and slowly enjoyed the experience. Then again, you miss the greenery surrounding you. So you planted some trees. You have a magical touch being a witch and your garden became more like a forest. For a personal touch, you made them emit a faint pink light glow. People always wondered how but you just smiled at them.

Everything was just fine as long as they keep out of your property. Yet some people just seemed to like trouble. One of the frequent passerby jumped through the fence to take a closer look at the trees. The trees knew something was wrong and decided to confuse him making it hard to escape. He wouldn't be able to leave without your help. Play Pink Forest Escape (Dressup 2 Girls) room escape game by Dressup 2 Girls.

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