Pink Door Escape Game

Pink Door Escape

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Calvin discovered this old wooden house with an odd pink door, it's the only peculiar color on the house for everything was colored as natural wood. The house is currently situated in the initial rings of the forest where most forest cabins stands, any further and one will find themselves in remote wilderness. Calvin got lost in the forest where he was for there are many paths going in and out of the place, he is trying his best to get out of the situation but then that's when he found the house which he slowly entered. He was actually pretty curious for the place looks new and he wished to meet the new occupants, the door was opened so he knocked and peeked. Little did he know once he enters, that is when the problem will begin!

Calvin enters the house with a peculiar pink door and behind him, that pink door slammed shut and locked! Calvin quickly thought then that this could be a trap! And now he is caught in it! Calvin could not open the door and that made him think of the worst, but it seems hope is not all lost however, for there is a lock and of course the only thing that can open it is a key. Escape players, want to help Calvin here find the key to that pink door so he can escape from this situation?

Pink Door Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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