Piglet Escape From Cage Game

Piglet Escape From Cage

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Escape players, come and try this animal rescue here in the wilderness. Piglet Escape From Cage is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly. Good luck!

Albee just had his first batch of piglets from his farm and it's just a glorious day, but he needs to be alert still for there are a lot of things that can sabotage that, from predators, to weather, and even marauders. That day unfortunately, the problem was marauders and it's just in-time when Albee realized that his farm was being raided, and when he chased them away with his gun, they managed to retrieve just one piglet from the healthy batch! Those fiends must be stopped right then and there, so one day he turned renegade so to stop this lowlifes and of course to rescue his piglet for every pig here counts.

Albee slowly moves at the marauder's camp and it seems that they are not home at the moment, the camp was empty of people but it was filled with different items however. And there, he saw his piglet was being held behind the barred-door of a cage and that really enraged him. Escape players, Albee must keep calm though if he wants this to end in his favor, care to join in and see if you can rescue his kidnapped piglet as quickly as possible? Good luck then and stay alert on this rescue.

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