This purple room once held the most notorious criminals in Pico Prioson game.

Pico Prison Escape

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You awaken inside a prison cell and alarm bells inside your head starts screaming. You don’t remember getting into trouble but you do remember the dare from those high school kids. Getting up from the old, rusty cot you went towards the cell door, finding it unlocked. With a sign of relief and stepping out of the cell, you strat navigating your surroundings. Pico Prison is no laughing matter. It is still the largest prison that housed the most violent criminals in the past. And as a result of the violence, the prison closed eventually. Those kids who bully you almost everyday dragged you here and passing their trial means leaving you alone from then on. It’s a good thing that you came prepared.

Pico Prison Escape is short point and click prison escaping game created by Ainars. You are trapped in a abandoned underground prison. No one is here now. Solve some puzzles to unlock all doors and activate all ladders… Good Luck!

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Walkthrough video for Pico Prison Escape

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