Picky Picnic

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You and your friends planned a picnic. You went to the park to set up your blanket. It was such a nice feeling to be with your friends. Everyone brought some food for everyone. You also played games like the ones you played during your childhood days like tag, hide and seek, and you even fly kites. It was time to eat when another “friend” showed up. However, you don’t remember inviting her. Everyone is confused when she showed up but you welcomed her anyway. After the games, you felt hungry so you served all the food that you have. But the unexpected visitor doesn’t look so happy with what you got. She started to rant and asked for something that wasn’t there.

Then after some talks, the tension started to build up. The unexpected visitor is not nice with all her words. If you don’t escape from the picky picnic, the day will be ruin. Team up with your friend to get out of this situation. There are clues that you can find around the park and those clues can help you up. There are also items that you can use to escape. Enjoy this point and click outdoor escape game brought by Ajaz Games!

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Walkthrough video for Picky Picnic

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