Philatelic Escape – Fauna Album

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As a die-hard stamp collector, Gilligan tries his best to collect every collectible stamp in the country or even abroad just to fill the spaces in his stamp album. His album now costs way too much for some are of rarity and cannot be found anymore in card stores, those are his most valuable. But that day though, some hooligan broke-in to his apartment and scattered every valuable he has and now it’s everywhere! Luckily though his stamp collection was still there for that guy might have not thought of it as something he can sell, but it is scattered all-over the place however even at the hall outside. Okay that guy not only stole from him, but also gave him a ton of work which might last for days. Still what choice does he have?

Escape players, will you help Gilligan here gather his valuable stamps though and his album before the cleaning-crew comes and sweeps the place tidy? Look into every small corner there then and everywhere, for those stamps are tiny pieces of paper and it can very well be blown by the wind, or stuck in someone’s sole.

Philatelic Escape – Fauna Album is another new item retrieval escape game.

Walkthrough video for Philatelic Escape – Fauna Album


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