Phenomenal Wizard Escape

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In these modern times, fewer and fewer people believes in supernatural thing. But in this kingdom here, it is for their advantage for they still house their senior wizard and the reason why nobody had ever discovered this guy is because he is well hidden and most times he is kept isolated in his room, which is under his won accord as well as the rules he took when he became a full-pledged wizard. But that day though, one of the queen’s guards was tasked to fetch him for there is something that needs to be done and the wizard is vital for it. That guard was Michael and little did he know there was actually a problem at the wizard’s quarters and he needs help!

Michael arrives at the wizard’s area and when he knocked, he quickly heard the cry of help from the wizard! He said he is trapped there for the doors would not open no matter how he tried. This had been going on for a day now and despite of the wizard using his magic just to get free, he still couldn’t. Michael has no idea what is happening here, for one the wizard can just use his magic and fix this problem, but he is on a task here from the queen and it must be carried-out no question even if he has to get the wizard out from his quarters there. Escape players, you will now be in the shoes of Michael here, will you be able to make use of anything around which can help the trapped wizard out from his room?

Phenomenal Wizard Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by Palani Games.

Walkthrough video for Phenomenal Wizard Escape


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