Phenomenal Forest Escape

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There is some castle in the forest here and the thing just stands there and not even doing anything, well for hundreds of years that is. That’s because there are rumors of it being a dangerous place and most people who went there just gets confused and have a hard-time in trying to easily get out of there. Most people would heed that for they have people before that were never able to escape from there when they ventured the place. But Tara doesn’t get the hint though, for even though she knows what the place is capable of, she still went in there to fulfill her curiosity!

Tara entered the area first and it was good, and then when she reached the castle she also entered it, but this time it unfortunately wasn’t good. Escape players, want to see what happened to Tara there and see if you can help her? Well she is going to need to escape from there now and she won’t find it easy. So bring-out the best of your skills and logic here for the challenges there will be a mystery until you uncover them.

Phenomenal Forest Escape is the newest point and click area escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Phenomenal Forest Escape

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