Pharaoh’s Palace

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As a treasure hunter and researcher, Camille found the find of her lifetime! Her husband is really going to be breathless about this, for she managed to find and enter the hidden chamber of this Egyptian tomb they were doing research on! One crucial thing about this is what’s inside the said chamber, and those contents were all the luxuries of the owner of this tomb in the form of gold, jewels, and artifacts! Camille is really seeing the dream here now in reality, but she can only share her finds though if she can escape from there first.

Camille accidentally triggered something unfortunately in her excitement in the chamber! And that was connected to the foot-thick stone doors which went closed rendering Camille trapped in there. Camille has no help at the moment for she was alone and all of the team was outside this ancient structure. Escape players, imagine you are Camille here and the situation is yours to solve for your life. Will you be able to escape there without a scratch? Go ahead then and try not to touch too many things there now, or another thing might get triggered.

Pharaoh’s Palace is the newest point and click ancient place escape game created by Hidden 247.

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Walkthrough video for Pharaoh’s Palace

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