Pet Cat Escape Game

Pet Cat Escape

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Join in the pet rescue here in the village escape players! Pet Cat Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Avm Games. Enjoy with us daily.

Casper's village is a small place but even then it's still lush thanks to its location which was near the mountainous forest. Everybody knows everybody in that place and aside from that, they also know the animals that they take-care and when one is lost, they all give it back to the owner, that village is not tainted with society yet and everyone there helps each other without a cost. But one day however, something happened to one of Casper's pets and it's the one of those that he treasures the most.

Casper had this pet cat of his which was fluffy and white, it was given to him by his sister who know lives in the city and the cat was even peaceful as well as good to live with. But a cat is always curious however, and that day its curiosity got him in some trouble in the village. The cat is free to roam around moving from rooftop to rooftop, but it got itself in a snag for it fell trapped in a house which was only being visited every month! It's one of Casper's neighbors and who knows when will that neighbor come back, the loud meowing alerted Casper and thankfully he got to it soon, but he still needs to get that cat out without destroying anything in the premises. Escape players, will you be able to find something to help Casper's cat out safely? Come one over then and good luck on the rescue!

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