Personal Gym Room Escape Game

Personal Gym Room Escape

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One of the favorite rooms of Regina in her house was her gym room for she likes to keep in shape, whenever she sees her equipment it gives her a positive vibe. That day, it was workout day and Regina got herself ready with a refreshing healthy drink and wearing the proper gear. It was now another hour of workout, Regina did her routines and such, after a while everything had been met and it's time to freshen-up, maybe do some little gardening then after. But there was a problem though and Regina was dumbfounded right then and there in her gym room.

Regina could not open the door for it seems jammed! She quickly tried to remember what she did then after she entered the room, but it seems there is nothing particularly different in what she did, then there is a high chance that her door is busted, or there could be somebody or something else in her house right-now? Whatever it is, Regina still must try and get the door to open with all the things she can find, good thing her room is not empty or she won't have nothing to use there to escape, maybe finding the key there too but the problem is she really can't remember where she put it. Escape players, come and help Regina here then escape her gym room so she can find-out what's happening.

Personal Gym Room Escape is another new point and click escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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