Persist Ant Escape

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There are ants here roaming around the village and one fascinating about them was they are huge as in huge as a small dog! People just leaves them alone though for they are just roaming around the area harmlessly collecting food and edible scraps. But of course just like every animal though, nobody should hurt them, or all force of the entire colony will rain down in this village here, that’s why people help them instead and as one of the residents there, Earl is going to that today.

Earl was told of a busted door in one of the houses there which he needs to fix for it had finally jammed shut. Earl is a carpenter there and that’s why some of the villagers relies on him for repairs. But when he was about to fix this door however, he found something behind it when he peeked through a small hole there. There was one of those giant ants inside that house and it seems to be trapped! Earl noticed its attempt to get out of there, okay he needs to help this creature out, but first he needs to fix this door here. Escape players, will you help Earl here so that the giant ant here can be freed quickly?

Persist Ant Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Persist Ant Escape

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