PENTA – The Sequel To OCTO

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Once again, Helios is in a world far darker than his home world, it’s his mission to be in different places in the galaxy to search for other life and of course data. But at times though some things not in the plan would happen, that’s why he needs to always be ready for such. Like the previous mission, Helios got in a bind there, but he luckily escaped and safely. This time however, it might be that Helios will not have another choice but to destroy the planet he is on, well that’s because not only the place is infested with very dangerous dark creatures, he is lost in there as well!

This new mission of his is code PENTA, he needs to fulfill this one and then send his report to his records so he can move on to the next sector. But the problem is here he can’t leave for he is being held by the dark creatures there! He needs to do something now, but he is going to need some help and because he is usually alone in his missions, he is really going to need it. Escape players, will you help Helios here once again on his new mission in the universe?

PENTA – The Sequel To OCTO is a brand new point and click adventure escape game released by Dogtopius. This game is a part of the first game as the start of the series.

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Walkthrough video for PENTA – The Sequel To OCTO

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