Pelican Rescue Game

Pelican Rescue

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What those poachers caught was not just any ordinary pelican. It was a pelican you brought from the ancient times. You had a power to travel through time. It started after finding your grandpa’s old amulet hidden in the attic. It was summer time and you had nothing to do. The heat was too much outside and the television was too loud in the living room. So you decided to go up the attic and just be lazy. However, there were a number of chests you had never seen before. In movies they contained treasures. You had no idea what these contained though. You felt too lazy to get up but your senses awakened when you heard something move inside of the chests. Things inside shouldn’t be moving around unless there were rats. And you had to find them so you could tell your parents about them.

You chose one chest to open. It contained your grandpa’s old things. You were very careful with them as they looked like they could break easily. Then an amulet rolled out. You picked up and was immediately transported back in time. Your grandpa guided you through your journey and even let you bring a pelican. But the pelican needed saving from the poachers. Play Pelican Rescue outdoor escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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