Peafowl Escape Game

Peafowl Escape

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Peafowl is your favorite kind of bird because it is colorful. You remember how colorful your life can be whenever you see them on the farm. You also love to see them living free. So when you saw a peafowl on a cage, your heart broke. You know for sure that they are happier in the wild and not in the cage. Because of that, you have to do something about it. You have to find a way to set the peafowl free. Since you don't have the key that can open the cage, you have to look for items that you can use for that. Thankfully, there are many objects along the way that you can pick up. However, those items would mean nothing if you will not use your logic to convert it into a escape tool.

You should also use your logic to solve the puzzles that you will encounter along the way. The peafowl is counting on you and you should not let him down. Peafowl Escape is a brand new outdoor escape game by 8b Games. Play this exciting point and click escape game and try to solve the puzzles as fast as you can. Best of luck!

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