Peacock Feather Land Escape

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This forest here is pretty magical, for there are feathers everywhere which nobody can really explain why of such are scattered across the land, most of them are from peacocks and that’s why the place is called the peacock wilderness. Even when there are very few peacocks there, that begs the question why this weirdness is filled with their feathers. As a person who wants to know the truth, Austin is there to discover what this is all about, and so he is there.

Austin is now in the land and he began his investigation there of where these feathers are coming from. Throughout the day Austin gathered everything that he can and record everything he saw, so far he hasn’t found anything significant, but he wants to bring everything that he has now so he can evaluate them all back home. But that’s the problem now though, for he cannot get back home now because he couldn’t find the way back! Austin was very concerned that the place might also have illusions. This is not good if that’s the case, for if he takes an illusion-created path there then that could push him further into this wilderness. Austin really needs help here then, escape players will you help him so he can get home quick before the sun sets here? Be very careful then or risk taking a wrong path there.

Peacock Feather Land Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Peacock Feather Land Escape

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