Peaceful Study Room Escape Game

Peaceful Study Room Escape

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Kent's study room doubles as an office and he thought there is very little room in the house now, he needs to renovate to accommodate more stuff in the place and also facilitate more amenities in the house. One day Kent was looking around planning and strategizing how he will get such a task done and where should he put everything as the renovation is going-on, it was all going well when at some point it seems that the room doesn't want to be renovated or something, for he could no longer get out from it!

Kent was confused why he can't open the doors, he doesn't really use its locks for the house was already secured, but then again he can't open it. It's like the thing is jammed or something and really how? Kent cannot see a logical thing about what just happened and he doesn't really want to destroy anything so he can escape, instead he wants to find-out what exactly happened so he can solve that problem easily through that and without destroying anything. Escape players, Kent plans to solve the problem instead of just kicking the thing down which is a quick fix but not really practical, will you be able to help out and see if you can all solve whatever this is that caused this?

Peaceful Study Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Ekey Games.

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