Peaceful Lavander House Escape Game

Peaceful Lavander House Escape

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Peaceful Lavander House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by WoW Escape for more dose of fun escapes with us everyday. Have Fun!

The lavender house is a peaceful place and Victoria is just happy that she bought the place cheap for the fullest and then some. The previous owners did not state why they left the place after it had all of its motif and furniture, but well she ain't complaining and just got it for herself. Well little did she know however, that the house has a little secret and that will leave Victoria puzzling to solve it.

Victoria was just checking on her budget and accounting in her small office when suddenly, the aura changed and the place somehow became quiet. She can really feel that for not only she is sensitive to energy, but it's obvious that the house was up to something and she just knows it. Victoria tried everything and it was good, the cabinets, the drawers, various places and all was okay, but when she tried her main-door however, she realized that the problem was actually there. Victoria could not open the doors and she even tried tinkering it, but sadly it would not budge. She also noticed moving things in the place and when she did, she thought maybe this is the reason the previous owners left. Escape players, care to join Victoria here on this beautiful house escape game? If so, good luck then and enjoy!

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